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The JinsaBox Story

Hello again to those of you who already know of the quality, all natural, great smelling and overall wonderful experience that Jinsa Essentials products offers. A BIG Welcome to our newest customers! We know that you will enjoy this new platform that will allow our existing and new customers to experience our wonderful products as often as you like.

We are committed to using only the best and most NATURAL ingredients in our products. ALL of our products contain the finest natural & organic body butters and oils. Our natural exclusive line of fine fragrances is made of the highest quality oils from around the world.!

As the name suggest YOURJINSABOX is exactly that! However instead of giving you a box full of the things that we THINK you will like, you will have the opportunity to choose what YOU want in your box. Yeah, we know that is not the norm, but we know from years of satisfied customers, that you want what you want. And we listened! For those who are new to the YOURJINSABOX experience we will give you the options of being able to sample our products to see which smells you like…which options you desire, whether it be our Hair, Body, or Bath products. YOURJINSABOX is just that…is YOUR opportunity to put YOUR favorite JINSA products in YOUR specially crafted BOX!

As always, we guarantee that with professional, courteous and quality customer service, paying attention to YOUR individualized needs, coupled with the BEST quality ALL NATURAL products, you are sure to enjoy YOURJINSABOX experience!

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